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If you’re a discriminating beef enthusiast seeking a sinfully delicious yet wholesome and healthy eating experience, Nitschke Natural All Pasture • All the Time is premium quality beef raised 100% on pasture and dry-aged to tender perfection.  Because of the unique health benefits of pasture-finished beef, you don’t have to sacrifice the pleasure of what you love to eat for your own good health.  You really can have both!

You are what your meat eats

Our calves are born and raised on the Circle N Ranch from our Angus-based herd, meaning we’re involved with their health and nutrition long before they’re even born. They’re raised and finished completely on pasture to produce a well-marbled and tender eating experience with a rich beefy taste. Our cattle—unlike those finished off-farm in crowded feedlots— roam acres of pastures and choose their own diet from the Circle N’s diverse forages each and every day of their lives. This completely pasture-based diet results in beef with complex flavoring and, studies show, is rich in essential nutrients like CLAs and Omega 3s. NNB calves are grass-fed and grass-finished according to USDA and American Grassfed Association (AGA) standards. No growth hormones or antibiotics are ever used.

If you’re a cow, this is the place to be

Cattle thrive under low stress conditions, and we strive to make life at the Circle N as stress free as possible for our cows and calves.  We time our calving season to coincide with ample forage supply for lactating cows and the nutritional needs of growing calves.  We plan forage development years in advance and make it our goal to under-stock rather than overstock our pastures to prevent nutritional stress.   Since our calves are born and raised on the ranch they are spared the stresses associated with excessive handling, transportation and co-mingling with non-herd members. Instead, our cattle coexist naturally with their own herd-mates and the Circle N’s abundant wildlife. They’re never confined to a feedlot, given growth hormones or antibiotics and are handled humanely in a quiet and gentle manner.

What our customers say:

Knowing the animals were treated with respect and that true stewards of the land raised them makes me really appreciate the beef we eat. The taste is also second to none. I cannot enjoy beef any other way.

Last Spring we bought a whole cow, split it with 3 other families, and bought a deep freezer. The way we calculated it we saved enough on just that quarter we kept to pay for the freezer itself.

The Nitschkes are the best and you can just know that any problem will be taken care by the most honest of people. I feel 100% easy knowing this cow was raised, pastured, processed and delivered by this family.

– Joe C, Dallas TX

Thank you again for supplying us with this delicious, healthful beef. We so appreciate your hard work and conscientious attention to all the details that are necessary to produce this exceptional product.

We have immensely enjoyed another year of eating heavenly melt-in-your-mouth, great-for-your-health Nitschke grass finished beef. You grow the best we have ever tasted. How grateful we are for your excellent work!

– Jeanie M, Irving TX

I have a peace of mind knowing that the beef I am eating was raised humanely by ranchers who care about their cattle and the people they feed.

The best benefit of being a NNB customer is being able to order in a quantity that makes sense for your family. Having enough beef on hand for 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months is a huge benefit versus always having to go to Whole Foods every time I need a certain cut. Having a combination of cuts (roasts, steak, ground, ribs, flank) is handy and allows you to cook diversely. I have loved learning how to take the remnants of a roast in my crock-pot, throw in some soup bones and distilled water and turn it into the life-giving bone broth that can be used to heal our gut and make delicious soups.

I love the Nitschkes, the way they run their ranch and their honesty. I love knowing my rancher and where our food comes from that is such a big part of our diet.

– Neisha F, Dallas TX

My favorite thing about NNBeef is the flavor. I’ve discovered that cows that are treated properly and allowed to eat naturally, taste amazingly awesome! Being an NNBeef customer, I always have options for dinner. Chili? Done. Spaghetti sauce? Done. Steak? Done! Pot Roast? Done. Not having to scour grocery stores for just the right cut is a blessing.

– Constantine M, Houston TX