Tired of sacrificing the pleasure of what you love to eat as you pursue your family’s healthier lifestyle?
Frustrated by the grocery store meat label maze and inconsistent quality?
Wish you had the convenience of a freezer full of amazingly tasty, quick and easy meal choices that fed your family’s wellness every day?
We can help you!
Nitschke Natural Beef is a totally delicious yet wholesome and healthy way to feed your family. Click here to start your grassfed beef journey!

Lauren & Gary Nitschke                12390 N 2800 Rd   |   Waurika OK 73573   |   214.207.5573

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We have immensely enjoyed another year of eating heavenly melt-in-your-mouth, great-for-your-health Nitschke grass finished beef. You grow the best we have ever tasted.

– Jeanie, Irving TX

My favorite thing about NNBeef is the flavor. I’ve discovered that cows that are treated properly and allowed to eat naturally, taste amazingly awesome! Being an NNBeef customer, I always have options for dinner. Chili? Done. Spaghetti sauce? Done. Steak? Done! Pot Roast? Done. Not having to scour grocery stores for just the right cut is a blessing.

– Constantine, Houston TX

I love knowing my rancher and where our beef comes from that is such a big part of our diet.

– Neisha, Dallas TX