Is buying grassfed beef in bulk really that easy? Get the scoop, recipes, and more by filling in your details below:

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What are your prices?

Mixed Quarters:    $10.50/lb
Halves/Sides:        $10.00/lb
Wholes:                  $10.00/lb

All prices are based on your “take-home” weights. There are no delivery or processor charges to you – all included!

How do I get my order?

Here’s some great news! We bring your NNBeef to YOU! Even though the ranch is located in southern Oklahoma, we make several deliveries each year to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. We’re happy to arrange to meet you on our way into Dallas, or at our drop off site in North Oak Cliff. Oklahoma/Texoma customers are able to meet me at our ranch near Waurika, OK on a prearranged day (see Order page) and time (TBD)! Still have questions? Just email us!

How much will my order weigh?

Mixed Quarters:    95-115 lbs
Halves/Sides:      180-220 lbs
Wholes:               375-420 lbs

You pay only for what you take home, not the “hanging” or “hot” weight. No waste for you! These are your actual “goes into my freezer” weights.

How much freezer space do I need?

Mixed Quarters: 5-6 cubic feet (a small chest freezer)
Halves/Sides: 10-12 cubic feet
Wholes:  20-24 cubic feet

A cubic foot is about the size of a standard Target grocery bag, completely filled.

What cuts will I get?

You can expect to take home something like this:

About 20-22% top of the line steaks such as ribeye, strip, filet, flat iron, top sirloin, skirt, flank, chuck eye, etc.

About 30-32% low and slow cuts such as roasts, brisket, short ribs, cross-cut shank/osso bucco

About 45-48% premium ground beef

About 3% marrow and broth bones (for making that simple, comforting, nutritional liquid gold we love!)

We work closely with our processor to maximize the amount of meat harvested from each animal, making sure that we choose cuts that are easy to cook, and delicious and nourishing for your family. Every order is a mix of front and hind quarter cuts, each packaged in clear, labeled air-tight cry-o-vac. Typically, you’ll find 1 roast/package, 1 steak/package, and 1 lb of ground beef/package. Short ribs and stew meat (if desired) will weigh about 1 1/2 lbs/package. Extra bones are available by special request.

What if I have special requests?

We always try to accommodate your family’s special requests, from organ meats to extra broth bones, to particular cuts you’d love to try. Please indicate any special requests at the time you place your order in the Comments box at the bottom of the Order page.  Note:  The deadline to request special cuts is 4 weeks prior to the Delivery Date.

How can I pay?

Cash, personal checks and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx
We accept any of these methods for both your deposit and final amount.

How much is my deposit?

Mixed Quarters:    $250.00
Halves/Sides:         $500.00
Wholes:                 $1000.00

When is my deposit due?

At the time your order is placed. It’s a super easy process at the bottom of the Order page.

What all can I cook with my beef?

What’s more convenient than having a freezer full of luscious meal possibilities? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We’re serving up some tried and true recipes for you on our Recipe page as well!

How should I cook grassfed beef?

Great question; glad you asked! Grassfed beef is a little different to cook. Click here for our easy cooking tips.

Do you sell by the cut?

We believe that by making the most of every carcass, via offering only bulk orders, we all show deep respect for the life of each animal. From time to time, we are able to offer smaller sampler packages. Follow us on Facebook for updates and availability. These sell out fast!

Do you ship beef?

No, but we definitely serve a large area of Texas and Oklahoma with several pick-up/delivery options. Contact us to see if we serve your location or can arrange a meeting place on delivery day.

Can I split a quarter, half or whole cow?

Of course! Many long time members of our NNBeef community take advantage of this option frequently. You’re free to split any size order with whomever you choose, in whatever proportions work for your fellow split partner(s). We do require that 1 person pay the deposit and then the final amount for your order at delivery. This allows you to assign individual dollar amounts afterwards based on each participant’s actual share weight. A good bathroom scale and a cleared off table make it easy!

What is a “cutting order”?

Cutting Orders are how we communicate with our processor. In essence, it’s the document that tells the butchers how to cut up (fabricate) the carcass, resulting in the cuts you take home to your kitchen. We generate this document for each order prior to harvest and our fantastic USDA-inspected processor strives to meet your requests. Our tried and true cutting order is a great mix of delicious cuts and ground that you’ll enjoy cooking and eating. Please let us know of any special requests in the comments section at the bottom of the Order page at the time you place your order and we’ll contact you to discuss.

Can I customize my cutting order?

Half and Whole orders can be customized to your liking easily. We’ll email you a sample cutting order form about 3 weeks before harvest as a go-by and are happy to walk you through the simple process on the phone. We are sometimes able to include some special requests on Mixed Quarters. Please contact us to inquire.