NEW! Save Some Cash Specials for 2018

•  Receive a $100 NNBeef credit for each new customer you refer who reserves and purchases a Mixed Quarter in 2018. Just make sure they fill your name on the Order Form in the appropriate field at the bottom of this form.

•  Wish you had a deep freeze so you or that friend could order MORE NNBeef? Place your order and pay the deposit on 2 Mixed Quarters, 1 Half, or 1 Whole for delivery in 2018 and we’ll credit you (or your friend) the cost of you this chest freezer, large enough to hold a quarter of a cow, if you refer a new customer who orders a Half/Side in 2018. This is open to all new and existing customers. So if you know that freezer space constraints are keeping a friend from buying in bulk, pass the word on!

  • What's included in a Quarter, Half, or Whole?
    Quarters, Halves and Wholes will contain about 15-18% steaks such as ribeye, skirt, tenderloin, strip and sirloin, 30-40% variety of fore- and hind-quarter roasts, short ribs and broth bones, and the rest will be ground in 1 lb. packages, unless you desire stew meat. Organ meats are available if requested at the time of your deposit. All of your NNBeef is hard-frozen, packaged in cry-o-vac, labeled with cut and weight, and ready to stock your freezer with healthy deliciousness.
    *Note that orders must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the delivery date
    We deliver to North Oak Cliff but can arrange to meet customers between our Trenton, TX processor and Dallas along Hwys 121 and 75 the day of delivery. If you are outside of this area, please check the appropriate box and we will determine an alternate pick-up location. Delivery to the Texoma area is available the day after listed delivery dates.
    Deposits are due 2 months in advance of each selected delivery. You'll receive email and text reminders from Lauren when future deposits are due. Final payment is due the day of pick up. You'll receive a text and email from Lauren with the final amount in advance of delivery, as soon as we have your take home weights from our processor. Deposit amounts: Quarter: $250 Half: $500 Whole: $1000