The Ranch

Hi, we’re Lauren and Gary Nitschke. Welcome to our ranch! We’re so glad you stopped by.

After some big health setbacks after our kids were born, we decided to make some changes and start eating healthier and exercising more. Good start! But as we learned more about our food and what all goes into it, just like you, we knew we had to do more. Longing for better, more reliable meat than grocery stores offered, we read up on grassfed beef and became convinced that was the right choice for us.

Today, we raise healthy, delicious grassfed beef for you and your family! Our cattle are always treated with respect and gentleness. And no worries: never any added hormones or antibiotics!

“I know that the beef I am feeding my kids is antibiotic free. I know that the animals were treated humanely and the fields they live on are not being polluted with chemicals.”   ~Nicole, Dallas TX

What got all this started? Well, since you asked…

Back in the 1950s, a hardworking Wichita Falls businessman named John F. Nitschke traded an investment in a small motor court for a few acres of land up the road in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. This rolling prairie land just north of the Red River was the beginning of the Circle N Ranch. From a very young age, Gary “cowboyed” with his dad on weekends and evenings after the “town job” workday was over. He developed a deep love for this beautiful land and longed to make it our family home someday.

That dream finally came true!

Since 2003, we’ve combined the family tradition of responsible land stewardship with our own convictions regarding health, nutrition, the environment, and animal welfare; the result being the protocol that produces delicious, nutritious All Pasture • All the Time Nitschke Natural Beef for your family.


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