The Ranch

In the beginning

Back in the 1950s, a hardworking Wichita Falls businessman named John F. Nitschke traded an investment in a small motor court for a few acres of land up the road in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. This rolling prairie land just north of the Red River was the beginning of the Circle N Ranch. As they continued their career paths in town, John F. and his wife Gwen, both from humble North Texas farming roots, added to the ranch as contiguous parcels became available, but only for the right price! From a very young age, son Gary “cowboyed” with John F. on weekends and evenings after the normal “town job” workday was over. Sundays, it was after church, of course. Back then, John F. ran the ranch as a conventional cow-calf operation.

When John F. passed away, the Circle N story began a new chapter. Gary and his wife Lauren combined the family tradition of responsible land stewardship with their own convictions regarding health, nutrition, the environment, and animal welfare; the result being the protocol that produces All Pasture • All the Time Nitschke Natural Beef.

Good stewards of the earth

Gary, Lauren and the Circle N team do ranching the new-old fashioned way. We employ sustainable agricultural practices, including the use of compost pellets and teas, cover crops and rotational grazing, while excluding chemical pest control and synthetic fertilizers. This allows essential soil biodiversity to flourish and our beef to remain pure and nutrient dense. It only makes sense that healthy soil produces high-quality pasture that in turn produces healthy, high-quality meat!