#knowyourrancher REALLY Matters, Turns Out

For the first time since the devastating drought years of 2011-2013, demand for Nitschke Natural All Pasture Beef exceeded our capacity to produce it over the last 4 years. We all know by now that it’s not just us who experienced this. Meat was in short supply everywhere, and due to several situations with processing plants and industrial-sized supply chain breakdowns, it wasn’t resolved quickly. With only a smattering of state and federally inspected small scale processors, and most of them filled to capacity, foreign-raised beef began flooding into the good ol’ USofA under the claim “Product of the USA” and that has a lot of people hopping mad and with good reason.

Us American ranchers also feel the weight of the disastrous vote in 2015 to repeal the Country of Origin Label (COOL) legislation which threw that door wide open to cheaper-to-produce beef from foreign sources and replace our own American meat in grocery store coolers and restaurant walk-ins. And don’t you want to know why it’s cheaper to produce? It’s not like American ranchers and farmers are raking in the dough – quite the opposite, in fact. We feel the squeeze constantly from those whom we contract with to make our meat available to the public.

We have dealt with a massive supply chain machine well over a decade (no more!) and in the VAST majority of cases had no control over it. Direct sales of meat from rancher to final consumer are actually an extremely low percentage of meat sales. If you’re part of our NNBeef community, you should be feeling pretty savvy and quite unique!
All that to say, one of the really great things to come out of all of this is a greater awareness of AND concern about where our food comes from and if it really feeds our bodies as well as our immune system needs it to.

Protein plays a huge role in keeping our immune system fully functional and, as you know, pasture-raised beef is super nutrient-dense protein. Cattle, like ours, that graze on a salad bar of diverse pasture forages (that grow in healthy, microbe-rich soil) are able to select the plants that provide the nutrition they need that day to optimize their health, which translates to YOUR health.

There’s never been a more important time than right now to vote for optimal nutrition and small American family ranches and farms.

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I appreciate you so much and am overjoyed to be a part of your family’s healthy living goals! I urge you to read more on the COOL repeal and what’s being done to try and reverse it here. Be informed and please contact your House Representative and Senators to let them know you really do care where your family’s beef comes from. You can find them here.

In your service as always,
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Posted by Lauren Nitschke

I'm so honored to serve your family by providing the convenience of a freezer full of the most amazingly flavorful and healthy Certified Grassfed beef in Texas and Oklahoma. Tell me how I can help make your life easier and healthier!

    1. @workingatwalmart – Thanks for reading this post! I hope you got some value out of my message! Please contact me if I can be of any help!


    1. @whoiscall – Appreciate you taking the time to read my post. Thankful the years of processor backlogs are behind us at last. For the first year since 2020, we are able to harvest at full capacity and make our delicious grassfed and finished beef available to many more families. Are you located in our service area of DFW to southern Oklahoma?


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