What You Teach Me

Confession time here.

I tend to think my highest calling in this wonderful, fulfilling business of serving you is educating. I do tons of research. I participate in a lot of conferences and workshops. I mean, my brain gets STUFFED. Need to share it all, right? 

Well. No….

Because you teach me way more. All the time. And that’s both humbling and AWESOME. 

Our NNB community is truly amazing. 

You offer a big ‘ol bear hug on first meeting because you’re a hugger and you already feel like we’re old friends. You teach me what it means to be in our community.

You share your own research that sheds so much more light on what we do here at the ranch is ALL about the right way. You teach me how much integrity means to you. 

You’ve been a part of our NNB community since the beginning – 12 years! – entrusting your family’s wellbeing in large part to the clean food we provide you with. You teach me what it takes to trust, time after time, year after year, freezer full after freezer full of nutrient-dense food. 

To be blunt, I learn so much more from you than I can ever impart your way. You teach me what matters the most as you seek to feed your family the best possible way you can.  

You value integrity. 

You value trust.

You value community. 

You value HEALTH! 

These are just a few of the amazing things I learn from you! And they’re what I take to heart as I get up every day to serve you better. Thank you for your generosity to share with me what truly matters to you. It never goes unnoticed!

And it begs the question: how can I serve you even better? Please take just a minute and let me know. I take your thoughts seriously. And I promise to reply promptly!


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Posted by Lauren Nitschke

I'm so honored to serve your family by providing the convenience of a freezer full of the most amazingly flavorful and healthy Certified Grassfed beef in Texas and Oklahoma. Tell me how I can help make your life easier and healthier!

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