Well, here goes…

I’ve spent some hard hours deciding whether or not to share this story with you or not. But I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t, and I hope you’ll, in turn, be a good friend and share this with those you love having in your life.  

Not so many years ago, when my kids were still at home, life was pretty hectic – full of commitments, activities and, well, kid-raising. That’s our goal, right? To actually get them raised!   

Healthy, at-home meals were something I valued, but weren’t always possible. Or so I thought… Some nights, I gave in into the allure of letting someone else do the shopping, planning, prepping and cooking, aka, the local pizza place. Other nights, I relied on processed, packaged stuff that gave me a jump start on all the prep. Both options were pretty tasty, but not so, uh, heavy on sound nutrition. I sometimes kick myself mentally, but that was before The Awakening and I have to give myself some serious grace here.  

That was before Gary and I had the opportunity to chart the direction for his family’s ranchland and certainly before we had the opportunity to learn all the background surrounding our country’s broken food system. The 2007 documentary “ Food, Inc.” changed all that for us in a BIG way, and we’ve never looked back.    Our very first American Grassfed Association Certified Grassfed beef was on the market at Whole Foods in 2008. We were the very first family-owned grassfed beef ranch (from birth to plate) to achieve the honor of that all-important certification in both Oklahoma and Texas. And, gladly, that continues today! Yay for you!  

If you’ve never had the “pleasure” of learning about what makes up the typical offerings in the American food market, I want to take this opportunity of being transparent about my own journey to urge you to take a considered look. https://www.amazon.com/Food-Inc-Michael-Pollan/dp/B002VRZEYM It’s very eye opening, extremely disturbing, and yet SO encouraging because YOU, as a part of our wonderful NNBeef Community, know you DO have an alternative to the factory farming nightmare that is our massive food reality in the good ol’ USA.   

Back to the convenience food I fed our family…. Fast forward a couple of decades and both of our beautiful kids have full-blown celiac disease as well as some other nagging health concerns that make their life a lot more difficult than it could be.  

Ugh. Do over, please?  

Nope. No such luck.   

But The Awakening has led to The Enlightenment and has only increased for all of us our commitment to being seriously mindful of everything we put into our bodies. The truth is, our decisions these days have very real consequences – both bad and good (Whew – some good news at last…).  

Am I sad? You bet I am!!! And some days, even angry. I think of all the people who have no access to the truth about what’s causing their declining health. I think of all the families across our great nation who might never know the truth about what HUGE mega-biz is doing to their food. And thus, to their health.  

But we – you and me – do know – at least on some level – and I’m so thankful to have you on this enlightenment journey with me. Won’t you help me spread the word? Comment below and tell me: What was your “ah-ha” moment that put you on a better health path, and how have your choices changed as a result? Next? How can we join together to spread the GOOD news of a real alternative to what’s been crammed down our throats – literally – for decades?  

In your thoughtful service,

P.S. About that “Or so I thought” statement above… Keeping my freezer stocked with NNBeef has changed all that “I don’t have time/I don’t know what to cook” thinking. Here’s some inspiration for you to keep fighting the good fight for your family! https://nnbeef.com/my-freezer-is-full-of-beef-what-can-i-cook/  

Posted by Lauren Nitschke

I'm so honored to serve your family by providing the convenience of a freezer full of the most amazingly flavorful and healthy Certified Grassfed beef in Texas and Oklahoma. Tell me how I can help make your life easier and healthier!

  1. I really can’t recall a moment. Likely a series of events and knowing the people I’ve met through my business. Nitchke’s are among those. I was eating range fed before I met you two. Yours is the best tasting ever. Thanks and see you soon.


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