Cuckoo for Coulotte, aka Picanha!

Because I know you love a great steak, and fact is, there’s not a cow God ever made that’s ALL steaks, I happily take on the role of detective, in your service, of course! How cool is it to discover little known nuggets of tenderness hiding out in unexpected places? Cuts you won’t find at the grocery store, meal in a box kits, or many times, not even in high end butcher shops, but are full of flavor, super easy to cook and turn a casual weeknight dinner into a weekend-style WOW.

Well, lucky you!

I’ve uncovered a treasure that might just be hiding out in your very own NNBeef stash. Check your freezer yet for my new FAVE – Coulotte/Picanha steaks. These deep burgundy, tender-as-a-new-mother’s-heart Strip Loin-next-door-neighbors are from the Sirloin and just may become your new favorite, too. And not just because they’re so incredibly delicious….

• Quick thawing
• Seasoning? – salt & pepper
• Cook beautifully in a cast iron/heavy skillet
• Ready to serve in minutes – Dinner. Done. Heavenly.
• Totally company-worthy

So, get to it, Lauren, how do I cook up a Coulotte/Picanha steak right now? I’m clearly starving and it’s all your doing…

Great news! It’s easy! Basically, thaw, season, sear, serve! So, here we go….

First, thaw your steaks. Overnight in the fridge is best, but because they thaw quickly, I leave them out on the countertop, still wrapped, for about an hour. In a HUGE rush? Plunge those packages into a bowl of cool water until they become pliable. Next, take off the cry-o-vac packaging, season both sides with salt & pepper and allow to “bloom” at room temperature on a rimmed platter for 30 minutes while you get your side dishes going.

Heat a cast iron skillet (or whatever heavy skillet you have) til it’s very hot, like, don’t dare touch it hot. Add 1 tablespoon mild high smoke point oil, like coconut oil; let it melt – won’t take but a few seconds. Add 1 tablespoon real butter and as it melts, mix oils and add steaks. Sear for 4-5 minutes per side, (thicker steaks need that minute longer) then turn off heat and remove pan from hot burner. They should be about 120*F inside.

Leave in the hot skillet 2 more minutes, turning at 1 minute. Remove from skillet and let rest 5 minutes before serving. To serve, slice across the grain. At the Circle N, we love a 50-50 mix of Bubbies horseradish & a good oil mayo for a nice bite of heat and creaminess along side – just a tiny dab does the magic. Pairs well with pretty much all vegetables and a colorful, crunchy salad.

Note: Coulotte/Picanha steaks are very tender when cooked as described to rare or even medium rare. You’ll think you’re eating a $38/lb NNB grassfed filet!

Overcooking could mean some loss of tenderness, as is the case with grassfed steaks. Embrace the pink and enjoy! (I might “more than enjoy”… full disclosure)

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  1. I tried this recipe and it turned out really good. What else can I add to the recipe? Thanks for the recipe.  


    1. Hi Janna! So happy you enjoyed these yummy steaks! Because these cook so quickly, it’s hard to add anything to the skillet as you cook them, but they’d go great with some sautéed mushrooms and shallots with a little red wine reduction. Just cook those 1st in another pan and let the deglazing red wine reduce while you sear the steaks. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes (or cauliflower). Add a green veggie and/or a salad. Enjoy!


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