Deal or Dud? Is Buying Grassfed Beef in Bulk Really a Deal?

Once upon a time, there was this TV news feature called Deal or Dud. The investigative reporter set out to prove a product or service one or the other. Reminds me of a question I get asked a lot: Is buying grassfed beef in bulk really that great a deal? Maybe you’ve already satisfied yourself, but what about the friends you had over who raved about your amazing NNBeef dinner? And wouldn’t you really like to know the truth, too?

Bulk grassfed beef purchases can seem like a whole lotta cash at one time. I hear ya.

Even though…

it’s super convenient to have your freezer stocked up with a whole bunch of premium grassfed beef, meaning LOADS of easy, family-pleasing meals.

it’s a big relief to know you never again have to decipher the made-to-be-confusing beef labeling maze at the grocery store.

it feeds your soul to know where your beef comes from – cattle actually raised nearby on green pastures by real people who treat them with respect – and that you’re supporting a small family-owned and -operated ranch.

But is it really all that great a deal for your wallet?

Hey, I wanted to know, too, so I did the digging, the investigating, and a lot of math – so you wouldn’t have to!

Well, shocker!

What I discovered actually surprised me.

First, I compared apple to apples. Or beef to beef! I did my grocery store window shopping at the only specialty grocery chain that I know sells humanely-raised, American Grassfed Association (AGA) Certified Grassfed beef, just like NNBeef is. I wrote down the meat case prices of every fresh Grassfed Beef cut offered, and can you say sticker shock?!?

$31.99 per pound for Tenderloin Filets? Yep. Those tender little morsels of special occasion perfection could drain your wallet fast! All the other steak options, from flank to sirloin to ribeye were $10 – $21/lb. Even those delectable, humble chuck roasts went for $9.99/lb! Ground beef? $9.49/lb.

I could already see where this was going, and it made me so happy to know I can provide you with an economical way to feed your family the tastiest, most nutritious grassfed beef at a better price than the only other equal-footing game out there. I just didn’t know how much better. Yet.


Back at the ranch, I covered our big kitchen island with every package of an entire ~100 lb Mixed Quarter of NNBeef. I sorted, inventoried, and weighed each category of cut. Multiplying the weight of each by its corresponding equal-footing grocery store price, I arrived at the true impact grocery store purchasing has on your wallet.

Grassfed Beef from Store = $1,100 plus all your precious time and gas!!!

Grassfed Beef from NNBeef = $853.23… and it was DELIVERED TO YOU. Amazing, I know!

You save $250, plus….
– Gas money
– A gazillion trips to the store
– Beef labeling aggravation
– Lines, lines & more lines…
– Impulse purchases made on said gazillion trips to the store while waiting in said lines

Instead it’s all right there, hangin’ out in your very own freezer, which you’ve already purchased outright with even less $ than the savings on only one NNBeef Mixed Quarter!

Now, didn’t you make a swell – and highly educated – decision? Major props!

Running low? We’ve got a few order openings available for our last 2018 delivery in mid-November. Haven’t purchased yet? Join the happy herd of DFW/Texoma families we’ve served year after year with NNBeef deliciousness.

2019 Delivery Schedule to be announced soon!

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Posted by Lauren Nitschke

I'm so honored to serve your family by providing the convenience of a freezer full of the most amazingly flavorful and healthy Certified Grassfed beef in Texas and Oklahoma. Tell me how I can help make your life easier and healthier!

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