NNB Goes to Town – for a Great Cause!

The Mystery Unfolds:

Even though we’ve known each other for years, Sheri and I don’t chat on the phone very often. So when I had a couple of cryptic messages from my Oak Cliff friend, I knew something was up. Something fun and exciting, because that’s who Sheri is!

But she’s also a 2 time breast cancer conqueror who caught both onslaughts early on, thanks to mammogram detection. Over the years since, Sheri has raised awareness of and a lot of money for early detection through mammograms, so much so that she’s known as The Mammogram Poster Girl. Sheri’s efforts to help fund mammograms for those in need are taking a giant leap forward with the newly formed Mammogram Poster Girls, Inc., a non-profit which seeks to spread mammogram funding far and wide in the DFW area. What a fabulous cause – and she was asking us to bring Nitschke Natural Beef to the kick-off party! How could we not say YES!

The Plan:

A gala dinner party was envisioned at the beautiful historic Oak Cliff home of Jim and Amanda Lake, a scrumptious menu was created by Chef Justo Blanco, a target of 100 guests quickly grew to nearly 160, and Nitschke Natural Beef was tasked with providing the grassfed beef for the beautiful entrée Chef Justo was to prepare. Working closely with our processor, Hannah and Ben Buses, owners of Bluebonnet Meat, Matt Hamilton of Local Yocal, and Chef Justo Blanco, we were able to provide a side of our amazing beef, cut to Chef’s order by Local Yocal’s skillful butchers, and delivered for event prep right on time. Because there’s very little “automation” in the small scale, family owned and run, local pastured meat to table scenario, this was no small feat, and we owe a ton of gratitude to Hannah, Ben and Matt (and their respective teams) who worked behind the scenes to make it possible.

St. Valentine’s was the very special night chosen for the inaugural Sweetheart Supper (“saving Sweethearts…a mammogram at a time”) launch event. Expectations for a fabulous and elegant dinner for couples were extremely high. Sheri and her hardworking supporters did not disappoint. In fact, they completely outdid themselves, especially considering it all came together in only a few weeks time!

The Luscious Line Up!

Meanwhile, back to kitchen… where a lot of other magic was transpiring. Chef Justo wasted no time diving in after the side of NNBeef was delivered to his kitchen by Local Yocal. He sent us pictures, and even a video, of the massive cooking effort that began the weekend prior to the big day. That’s a whole lot of choppin’ and braisin’!

Braised NNBeef cuts like these short ribs formed the flavor-filled base for the main dish. -Photo by Chef Justo Blanco

The Big Night:

Fast forward a few days to Wednesday, February 14, 2018. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect in Dallas that Valentine’s Evening. Valets scurried to deposit guests’ cars along Kessler Park’s tiny, winding streets. The bubbly flowed and well dressed guests were greeted with smiles and hugs from the organizers and hosts. Even us ranchers got gussied up!

Sheri Mathis (on right) with Chef Justo Blanco, Hosts Amanda and Jim Lake, and MPG Board members. -Photo by Danny Campbell Photography

I have to admit, despite the wonderful cause, the perfect weather, gorgeous setting, well-loved chef, and Sheri’s reputation for putting together a terrific party, I was a bit, well OK, a lot nervous. Turns out, Chef Justo was a bit anxious, too!

All our collective worries were for naught; y’all – every morsel Justo prepared was incredibly delicious – and plentiful. What an honor it was for us to have had our homegrown grassfed beef so expertly prepared, and to have been a part of this important cause. The night was a huge success and the first of many to come. Well done, my Poster Girl friend, well done!

The exquisite entree: Roasted NNBeef atop braised NNBeef and the most amazing Barley and Sweet Potato Hash, topped with a kiss of Tomato Chimichurri. Perfectly prepared and truly incredible! -Photo by Chef Justo Blanco

The Poster Girl and Her Passion:

Here’s more on the amazing Sheri Mathis and Mammogram Poster Girls, Inc. Please consider a generous gift to help those in need of the early detection opportunity.



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  1. Thank you Lauren and Gary for all you do!
    …and if any of you would like to donate/sponsor a mammogram here is the PayPal link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=DRTQXDTP857QN


    1. Lauren Nitschke March 5, 2018 at 2:41 pm

      Thanks for adding the link, Sheri, and for all YOU do!


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